Category 2: Album Cover Design

Album cover designers, apply now and make some stunning art that makes listeners stop browsing and press play. 

The cover should be organic in style and reflect the overall vibe of Korean culture. Designers are invited to submit their artwork via this website. The selected design is set to be released in July as a single album, which will contain a K-Pop song with lyrics from the Lyrics Category winner.

How to Apply

  1. Get inspired by Korean culture (anything from heritage sites, landmarks, food, to traditions) and the instrumental version of the K-Pop song soundtrack.

  2. Create your own design in the required format below.

  3. Apply through the website (HERE)



  • You will be credited with the album art on online streaming platforms. 

  • You will be presented the first prize by the Head of the School of Art at York St John University.

  • Your artwork will be presented at the upcoming Yor-K (Korea Day) Festival.


* Requirements*

  • The artwork must in the format of:
    - Perfect square
    - Aspect ratio: 3,200 x 3,200 pixels or higher
    - RGB, resolution of 300DPI or higher
    - Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG

* Bonus perks for All Contest Entrants:

  • Submitted entries will be shared on the KCCUK social media channels and Korea Day events with York St John University. Digital or print exhibition will take place during Yor-K event (Korea Festival in York) in July 2021.