Category 1: Lyrics

How to Apply

  1. Download and listen to the instrumental version of the K-Pop song soundtrack. 

  2. Write your own lyrics to match the track. (Please click here to check the format)

  3. Apply through the website (HERE)



  • The song will be released as a single album - with the winning album cover design.

  • A professional vocalist and student-artists from York St John University will record a song with your lyrics. 

  • You will be registered as a lyricist on the track and be credited as a lyricist on the music streaming platforms the song is on including Spotify, iTunes, Melon, and KakaoMusic. 

  • You may get royalties from the streaming of your song depending on the streaming platform. 

  • You will be presented the winner's prize by the Head of the School of the Art at York St John University and your song will be presented at the upcoming Yor-K (Korea Festival in York) which will be held at the York Theatre Royal.


* Requirements*

  • Entries for the Lyricist Contest must be written in Korean for sections of hooks and choruses.

  • Entries with more Korean words/sentences will be favoured.

  • Please note that your Korean words/sentence must sound natural to a Korean audience. So it's a great opportunity to show off your Korean language skills.

  • Listen to the soundtrack carefully and match your lyrics to the music. 



[Lyrics contest] - Dr Robert Wilsmore, Head of the School of the Arts, York St John University - Dr Yeji Han, Lecturer in Korean and Linguistics, Languages and Linguistics, York St John University - Hoyeon Seo, Nomad Music producer - Korean Cultural Centre UK - Special judges will be announced soon

How much does it cost to enter the competition?

It's Free!

Can I join as a group or with my friends?

Yes, you can. Please specify each person's name when you submit your entry.

How do I submit my lyrics?

Please click HERE to find out more about the application process.

Will I have ownership of my submission?

Yes. The Korean Cultural Centre UK does not claim ownership of the materials you submit for the contest. But please note that we may showcase your submitted entries on the KCCUK website, social media channels, and Yor-K (Korea Festival in York) events with York St John University.

Can I listen to the song on streaming platforms?

Yes, a single will be released along with the work of the album design contest and you will be able to listen to the song on Spotify, iTunes, Melon, KakaoMusic, and many more.

I'm not a UK citizen. Can I apply?

Who CAN apply?
- a UK citizen living in the UK.
- a UK citizen living outside of the UK.
- a resident of the UK and living in the UK now Who CAN NOT apply?
- a resident of the UK but living outside of the UK. *If applying as a pair or group, all the applicants must satisfy the requirements.